Efi Sussman is a singer song-writer and a loop artist originally from Israel but has been traveling the world since 2005. 

For the past 10 years she's been splitting her time between Berlin and Goa. 


With the years Efi created her own unique music style; singular and textured vocal chords; minimal but solid wall of sound looping into the beat of progressive trip folk.

As a self taught musician she investigates harmonies and uncommon chord progressions that stimulates the listener's ear. Never the less she manage to tie it all together and shade light on the simplicity and accessibility of the piece.

In the past year she has started working with Ableton live and incorporating more electronic beats, synthesizers and abstract atmospheric sounds into her music.


Due to her traveling life style, Efi formed her one woman band by incorporating multiple sounds recorded live on stage by her loop pedal, electronic drum and percussions, synth, guitar and her vocals. 

The combination of the electronic and acoustic instruments are creating layers and depth to her music and make Efi sound like a whole band. 


Efi is currently working on her 3rd, self produced album. The upcoming album will portray her transition into the electronic world of sounds.


Efi recorded two previous albums -"Impossible To Realise" (recorded in Vienna 2017) "It was always there" (recorded in Berlin 2013).